Tuesday, September 30, 2008

One Year Ago Tomorrow.....




One year ago tomorrow, we received a surprise phone call. After months of uncertainty regarding when we would be able to go get Miah, we found out that we were in the match room. WOW. Words can not adequately describe our elation! Not only that, but the VERY NEXT DAY we received the much anticipated email from our agency - We have your Letter of Acceptance! I truly do not think that my feet touched the ground again, until we arrived home with our third precious daughter a month and a half later. Most of the treasured events of our family have happened during this autumnal season - the birth of each of our biological children and the adoption of Miah. We are indeed so mightly blessed!

Monday, September 8, 2008


I keep thinking that NEXT week, things will slow down. Surely. However, we are so blessed to have healthy bodies in which to be busy! We've been schooling, I've taken a trip to Texas, Ira has been to the coast with the State Guard for disaster relief, and choir is starting up at church.

On schooling - I continue to re-evaluate our schedule and curriculum. With Tiger Lilly, I am focusing on spelling, grammar, math, piano and reading DAILY. I've decided to take, by weeks, assigned writing & poetry, science, history, etc. I will probably do the assigned writing, daily, every other week. Then fill in the alternate weeks with theme units (science & history) with all the kids. I have to keep reminding myself - TL is only in third grade, TL is only in third grade. If I push her too hard, put to much pressure on her, I will have wasted these precious early years with her. I have the opportunity, in these early years, to focus on the core subjects and, otherwise, have as much fun as we can fill in. Therefore, with TL, my daily focus is spelling, grammar, math, piano and reading, the end. With P and B, I do phonics, math and handwriting 3-4 days a week. They are in kindergarten. I have learned that that is all it takes to learn kindergarten concepts well.

I had a great time visiting my sister in Texas last week! We visited my aunt and uncle in Llano, went to a spa, did Mobile Loaves and Fishes, went to a rockin' out church service, got to see the president's plane land and hit the scrapbook stores. YUM! It was an awesome time. I have the BEST sister in the world!

American Heritage Girls starts up tonight for TL. Church Choir starts up Wednesday night. Chinese Cultural School starts up Saturday for P. WOW.

It must be the NEXT week..............

I AM sorry that I have been slow to post. I hope everyone has a BLESSED day!