Thursday, July 30, 2009

Homeschooling Joys

~ being intimately involved in curriculum choices for your child
~ sitting side by side with each child on our couch, going over new concepts
~ seeing understanding dawn in your child's eyes when a concept is grasped
~ teaching my children about God and His Word
~ my children feeling no shame or hesitation in talking about God

We are in our second week of Home School. This is my first year to be teaching three grade levels simultaneously. I was quite nervous about this. But with God's great mercy and hours of careful planning, things are running smoothly. Right now, I am just so thankful for the great privilege of schooling my children at home. Polishing treasures indeed.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Finding My Footing

In my continued struggles with control (over my life, our children's lives and my daily schedule), God has revealed two things to me.

1. The single most important item on my daily agenda is intentional time spent with God in prayer, Bible study and listening to Him. Personal Holy Communion. The end.

2. The single most important act (of mine) as a wife, mother, teacher, daughter, and friend is to be so in tune with the Holy Spirit and so aware of God's character, that it not only keeps me moving in the direction of my Father's will, but also that it transforms my response to all people and every situation. The end.

I cannot express how deeply relieving this is to me. It lets so much else that tends to clutter up my mind and my to do list to fall away. Released. Centered. Blessed.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Glorious Day

On May 30, E accepted Jesus as her Savior! I cannot really describe what this means to us as her parents. To know that our child has made the single most important decsion FOR Christ is nothing short of thrilling.