Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Could Not Ask for More

I dream BIG.  I am always open to changes in my self, how I manage our home and our homeschool. I dream of adopting again.  I dream of getting involved in other areas of ministry.  I DREAM.  Dreaming is good.  However it often leaves me re-evaluating my effectiveness as a wife, mother, teacher, Christian, homemaker, friend.  Over and over again.  And this re-evaluation often casts the illusion that my current life is not as exciting or fulfilling as it could be.

This could not be more wrong.

I am living all the dreams I have ever had for my life.  That is the truth.

I wanted to have living, breathing peace with my God.  I do.

I wanted to feel free to worship God.  I do.

I wanted to be happily married.  I am.

I wanted to be a mama.  I am.

I wanted to bring a child into our family through adoption.  We have.

I wanted my children's hearts to be tender for God.  They are.

I wanted to foster parent.  We are.

I wanted to feel free to be myself.  I do.

So, quite literally, I could NOT ask for more in my life.  Dreaming is nice, but not to the extent that the reality of the treasures present in my life is distorted.  I am LIVING my dreams.  And it is all because of God.  God is good.  So good.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Blessings Counted

116.  another day of life
117.  my husband's kind words
118.  that my children care about my opinion
119.  twilght
120.  windows open to fresh air
121.  having mental and emotional space
122.  children intent upon their journal drawings
123.  children fresh from a bath
124.  when my girls feel beautiful
125.  the pride in my son's eyes when he knows he's done a job well
126.  quietness
127.  soft clothes
128.  daily provision
129.  revisiting cherished passages
130.  the feel of the guitar strings under my fingers
131.  the smell of my guitar
132.  the deep, deep comfort of roots
133.  mountains and mountains of laundry, folded and put away

May the love of God touch each of us so deeply, daily, that even the most humble acts of our lives are alight with His glory.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook

For today ~ Saturday, March 13
Outside my window ~ it is twilight and cool.
I am wearing ~ jeans, a long sleeve black shirt and a sweatshirt.
From the kitchen ~ Sour Cream Enchiladas, Corn and Rice
I am hearing ~ the oven running and a DVD the kids are watching.
I am thinking ~ how blessed Saturdays feel at the end of our busy weeks.
From the learning rooms ~ continued studies in grammar/phonics, math, reading.
I am going to re-read ~ Danger in the Shadows by Dee Henderson.
I am creating ~ scrapbook pages about S's 5th B'day party.
I am going to ~ think about how I want to do the girl's hair in the morning, get clothes ready, paint fingernails and try to find our bed under a mountain of laundry and turn all the clocks forward one hour.
I am researching ~ freezer cooking.
Some plans for this week ~ homeschool some, plan 30 meals, have the girl's finish their string art projects and continue practising the guitar.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

Blessings Counted

101. a husband happily playing with our children

102. the gift of play given to my children by their father

103. a break from routine

104. clear, sunny skies

105. the anticipation of a new project

106. the lovely rhythm of routine

107. the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with a friend

108. being ministered to by a friend

109. God's gracious giving of wisdom

110. serving a God who is with us and for us

111. the sublime joy of music

112. the smell of coffee

113. the warmth of the coffee cup in my hands

114. God's faithful provision

115. stories

116. listening to God's word

117. being loved on by my kids

118. a kitchen, cleaned

119. being inspired by a friend

120. peace, sweet peace

121. the gift of being given a guitar

122. my oldest child using her talent to worship God publically

123. daily grace

Thank you, Jesus. Thank you Jesus for the blessings you unfold in my life daily. You are faithful, always, and have blessed my abundantly. Thank you, Jesus.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Daybook ~ March 6, 2010

For today ~ Saturday

Outside my window ~ it is dark, clear and cool.

I am wearing ~ my uniform :o) ~ jeans and long sleeve black shirt

I am excited about ~ the scrapbooking I've just been working on, M reading more fluidly, the upcoming Keeper's meeting, homeschool curriculum plans, the beautiful weather.

From the learning rooms ~ continued regular studies, a nature walk with journalling, art time (hopefully)

I am creating ~ scrapbook pages, the weekly menu.

From the kitchen ~ grilled cheese sandwiches, wild rice, peas, milk.

I am reading ~ the same books as last time.

I am hearing ~ the Nancy Drew audio book we've borrowed from the library, the rest of the family playing the "Star Wars" Trouble game and the dishwasher running.

I am looking forward to ~ starting Karate, as a family, this April and learning to play the guitar.
A few plans for this week ~ continue schooling, get groceries, piano and church midweek, possibly helping at the CPC, a fun B'day party Friday night.

My Long Obedience in the Same Direction ~ continue daily personal devotions, 6 days of exercise, homeschooling, doing the child of the day's Special Activity, and keeping our
Bedtime Routine.
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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Blessings Counted

81. the completion of another school day
82. M becoming more fluid in her reading
83. new concepts dawning in young eyes
84. libraries
85. the resource of an online library
86. cropping pictures
87. piecing together a scrapbook layout
88. my husband, happily playing with our children
89. the faithfulness of my heavenly Father
90. a week's menu planned out
91. twilight in the evening
92. moments of quiet in our home
93. candle light
94. gathering together for our bedtime ritual
95. the excitement of birthdays
96. taking hot showers
97. being clean
98. good words
99. receiving personal emails
100. the warmth of blankets
Thank you, Jesus.