Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Mama!

my dad and mom

our family stockings today

Today is my mom's birthday and in honor of that occaision and the coming Christmas season, I wanted to tell about a very special memory that is woven throughout my childhood. Christmas stockings. This is one of my very favorite parts about the Christmas tradition. My mom put alot of thought into the filling of my sister's and my stocking. There were always several small and medium sized individually wrapped presents inside it. Each Christmas morning, my sister and I would sit down with our stockings. I would open one present and then she would open one present. I always wanted good experiences to last as long as long as possible. It is a precious memory and a tradition that I wanted to continue with our children. My stocking was needlepoint. Over a couple of years, we gathered enough needlepoint stockings for each of the six of us. Thank you to my mom for making this such a special tradition in my childhood.
And, Happy Birthday!

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blessedmom said...

What a lovely memory. Thanks for sharing it.