Monday, January 5, 2009

Daily Goals & New Year's Resolutions

I simply CAN NOT resist doing New Year's Resolutions and having Daily Goals. I dearly, dearly love being mentally organized and making lists. I could do a scrapbook page on the joy of making lists ~ seriously. And I can get too serious about it at times, because I really, really like my lists to contain a total of 3 or 5 or 7 items. So New Year's Resolutions are right up my alley ~ and so I share them with you (I know this will be so simply thrilling to the four people who visit this blog!)

Quiet Time
Clean the kitchen
Special Things for the kids (MOMents, Pray over, bedtime story)

Rest in God's daily provision and not maintain a storehouse of worry
Make it through my Chronological Daily Bible
Cut out caffiene and cut back on aspartame intake
To diligently and lovingly lead my children forward educationally
Lose 20 pounds (and never more have a goal based on weight loss on this list)


ADELE said...

I love your lists. Looks alot like mine. :)
I would have to add "scrapbook more" to my list because I have a ton of paper and embellishments that need used! I am actually going to a scrapbook retreat this weekend in Gulf SHores. I am looking forward to it. I haven't been to one since Crop Connection several years ago.
Happy New Year!

Vicki said...

You have far more than 4 visitors of your blog. Folks don't comment b/c it's usually too much trouble for them to log on, etc. Not sure what all those catches are.
I, personally, LOVE to read your life news.
I, too, am a goal oriented person. I write in a certain type of datebook, in pencil only, yadda, yadda. We're on the same page.
Might like to chat w/you sometime and catch up with where Miss Emily is now (language, comprehension)....and how your little China sweetie is doing. So glad to have you for a friend.
Oh yeah. I told Leah I want to joing the cult: scrapbooking once a month on Friday night. I'm green behind the ears but am a fast learner. Well...that's up for debate.
Hugs - Vicki and Emily

Michelle said...

Good for you! I gave up aspartame over 14 yrs ago after taking a health class in college and learning how bad it really is...try Stevia, a natural herb you can find almost anywhere. I use it all the time.

Best wishes on your New Year goals!

Princess Kim, the daughter of a King! said...

oh friend! I LOVE my lists!! My schedules!!! My charts! If I was half as organized as all my lists and things made me look I would be a happy girl. I missed my calling...I should have been a professional organizer!
I knew there was something kindred in our spirits. :)
I look forward to your reports of many successes!