Monday, April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Daughter

Today is my middle daughter's birthday. A daughter that turns eight years old today. A daughter on whom I had never laid eyes on until a couple of years ago. A daughter. A daughter. As much my child as if she were born from my body. What a wonderous blessing.

Unspeakable blessing.

Only our great God in Heaven could have orchestrated the union of her life into our family structure. Our God truly REIGNS.

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Vicki said...

Happy Birthday, Miah Girl.
You are a treasure to have in our lives. You're a ton of fun, too. We had such a great time celebrating w/you. We've gotta get our baby dolls, strollers, carriers, and other things together and play a while. How 'bout that.
As for that daddy of yours who spins innocent mommies around in that monster of a swing...UGH. No more spinning. Ever. Ha.
See you soon.
Vicki and Emily