Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Home School

The kids start their day at 7 in the morning. We have breakfast and then start our Spiritual Training. I am trying to incorporate several aspects into this part. The kids look at Children's Bibles, while I read in mine. Then they say morning prayers silently. This is followed by our weekly focus. These focal areas are Hymn Study, Worship, Real-Life Applications and Bible History. So one week we learn about and sing a particular hymn (our first one was Holy, Holy, Holy). The next week, I utilize ideas from Teaching Kids Authentic Worship. The following weeks, I read out of Sticky Situations and The Child's Story Bible, respectively. Throughout it all, we work on a monthly memory verse, review the hymn and a protestant catchism. Then we begin with the rest of our curriculum.

E - 4th Grade
Grammar - Rod and Staff
Math - Abeka
Spelling - Spelling Power
Penmanship - Abeka
Comprehension - Christian Liberty Press readers &
Abeka Read & Think Skill sheets
Writing - Writing with Ease
Vocabulary - Wordly Wise
Required Reading
Science - Apologia Sea Creatures (Co-op)
Geography - Beautiful Feet (Co-op)

M & J - 1st Grade
Phonics - Abeka
Reading - Abeka readers
Math - Abeka
Penmanship - Abeka
Writing - Writing with Ease

S - Preschool/Kindergarten
Phonics - Abeka & Rod and Staff
Math - Rod and Staff
Penmanship - Pentime
Bible - Rod and Staff

I am ever grateful for the privilege and honor that it is to Home School.
We are all ever learning in this household!

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Vicki said... KNOW if you suggest it, I do it, buy it, etc.
YUP. Thanks for the Writing with Ease book I just ordered b/c BETSY likes it.
Oh my.
I'm good on my phonics right now b/c I'm doing that Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. Liking it. Got the computer version of it, too, b/c mommy who sat by me when we scrapbooked suggested FUNNIX. I'm a goober, huh?
Looking forward to seeing ya'll on Friday night!!