Saturday, October 9, 2010

on my heart...

....birthmothers who voluntarily relinquish their parental rights to their children in a timely fashion.  So many times when we are out and about with our foster babies, the question gets asked - "How could any mother give up her own child?". 

The mother of our current foster babies just signed away her parental rights.  And she is unequivacably devasted.  She is now bereft of the sight, touch and knowledge of the futures of the children of her own womb.   Why?  How could she?  I beg to propose she did it BECAUSE SHE WANTED MORE FOR THEM THAN SHE COULD GIVE AT THIS TIME.  I also propose that it was by the grace of God and from the great stores of her own mother love that she had the strength to go through with it. 

She has chosen rather to bear the horrid personal sacrifice of not having them in her life, in order to offer them life more abundant. 

I beg your compassion and support for all who have so chosen for their children.  I beg your prayers for like birthmothers and birthfathers everywhere, for personal healing and for life more abundant.


Jennifer said...

Theirs is a sacrifice that is often overlooked ... and so important to the future of their children. I'll be praying for everyone involved.

blessedmom said...

Very strong words.