Saturday, January 29, 2011

a glimpse at our homeschool

We usually begin our school days with Bible Study Time.   I. love. this. time.   To me it is just one of those times that makes homeschooling so precious - just me and my kids, the word of God - good things, eternal things.  Each child has a folder that has both copy paper and lined notebooking pages.  We are working through the major Bible stories chronologically.  Right now I am reading straight from the Bible.  In the past, because of the age range of my children, I have used Bible story books.  Now, they just seem ready for straight-from-the-Bible-reading .  I read a passage from the Word and have them draw a picture or write a dictated sentence about what we are reading.  If the picture/writing is more involved, then the next day, I reveiw our past readings with them while they finish up their page.  On the occasions, when I choose for them not to do a picture for a particular reading, I have them go back to a previous picture and add color or detail to it.  Afterwards we sing one of the songs we've learned from hymn study.
Then I pray with them and our day rolls forward. 

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Jennifer said...

This sounds so wonderful! Bible study is something that we are lacking in our days ... we try, but somehow it just seems to get pushed out. ~sigh~

I bet you would love to have your hymn study book back from a certain unreliable (hiding her face in shame) friend, huh?