Wednesday, February 2, 2011

january book of days

I am endeavoring to live more intentionally this year.  There are certain activities that I want to fill my days.  Do things that make my heart sing.  Do things that draw our little family together.  Do things that mark the days.  As a scrapbooker, I will be scrapbooking each month with pictures of activities that we did, books read, scripture memorized, etc.  As a blogger, this space is largely for an added source of accountability and also to offer encouragement to others, who like me, find ourselves at the end of the month not remembering where the month went.  Doing certian things intentionally each month, is my way of marking our days.  Dedicating moments of our time with good things.  Creating our own book of days.

I want to fill our days/weeks wisely by keeping to a simple homeschool schedule, lots of reading, scripture memory work, much crafting, family games and walks.  
library stuffed animal sleep-over
reviewing different types of lines

fingerprint caterpillars

our family of yellow belts

button snowflakes made at Keepers


crocheting dishcloths


Rie said...

Ya'll must have took your stuffed animals to the library. I saw that in the paper - should have done it, adorable!

Love the fingerprints and, of course, your scrapbook pages are beautiful. Tell Miah happy 3rd, and I do know what that means.

Yellow belts, huh? Must make note not to tease Ira about his upcoming birthday!

Greg and Donna said...

great pictures. Your crocheted dishcloths are beautiful! I'm so glad I learned how to crochet last year and stuck with it. Congrats on the yellow belts!

Vicki said...

I love the creative ideas - ways to learn. Ways to bond. Ways to glorify the Lord.
Good going!