Monday, August 22, 2011

in praise

1921. bedtime ritual again
1922. the comfort of rituals
1923. always grace
1924. reading aloud Little House on the Prairie
1925. Stevia in the Raw (I like my coffee even better now, Jennifer!)
1926. rearranging furniture
1927. my office space
1928. our school room
1929. the freshness of repurposed spaces
1930. kids journaling in their night-time journals
1931. looking at their journal entries with them
1932. today's early morning walk
1933. being drenched with sweat
1934. the blessing of a cool shower
1935. new lotion
1936. in our 3rd week of school
1937. antibiotics for strept throat
1938. the sound of my kitchen fountain
1939. the tapping of my computer keys
1940. shutting my eyes
1941. getting a letter in the mail
1942. a dad's homeschool prayer group for my husband to be a part of


Jennifer said...

I didn't think that was possible ;o) ... and, that makes me happy!

Liz said...

Such a beautiful family!! Its so fun to see your face:)