Sunday, October 12, 2008

Living the Dream

Ira and I were talking recently. We were discussing something about which we felt differently. I wanted one outcome, he another. The subject was serious and we both felt strongly, differently. I think, one day, I will tell this story. It is worthy of written words. Even though, I wanted what I wanted, what I fundamently wanted, was to honor God and my husband. I knew that Ira regretted not "letting" me have what I wanted. It came to me so clearly, then, as it does off and on. The realization of that One Thing was not the centerpiece of my hopes. My reality is this: I AM living THE DREAM. I literally could not ask for more. I am married to a man that wants to honor God and adores me. We believe in each other's dreams and passions. I am a mama. I have always wanted to be a mama. Four kids. Abundance. Our home, room to spare. A church home about which we are passionate. Opportunities to minister to young women. Scrapbooking. Reading. Living. God is Good, God is Great. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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