Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One year ago on this very day, I was standing in our hairdresser's shop, watching Tiger Lily get her hair cut. My phone rang. It was Ira. His words, "CCAI just called and asked if we could leave November 1 to get Miah!" I asked him what he told them, he said "Of course!" I desparately wanted to scream with JOY! This was just one day over 2 weeks away! If I thought I was generally unproductive (as far as normal life things) after LOA, I was certifiably unproductive now. All life seemed to grind to a stand still and EVERYTHING became pre-China details. Preparation for 3 weeks away from home for Ira, I and a new little one. Preparation for 3 weeks away from home for three little ones, at two different households. New currency, final payments, flights scheduled, checking, checking and re-checking official paperwork, clothes, computer, adapters, it went on and on and on. WOW. What an experience. We literally could not have managed all of the details without God's intervention. And so the story continues....................

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