Wednesday, September 23, 2009

40 Gifts

S's sweet card with hugs and kisses!

Sweet, sweet party planners!

A secret desire fulfilled!

M's homemade gift that she spent a lot of time on!

E's homemade friendship bracelet!

J's stuffed dragon that we will now share!

Today was my best birthday yet! These are 40 gifts in my life.

1. Life itself.
2. God's great love.
3. Growing up in a stable family.
4. God's faithfulness.
5. A love of reading.
6. God's mercy.
7. Big dreams.
8. God's soveriegnty.
9. Salvation.
10. God's grace.
11. Meeting Ira.
12. God's compassion.
13. Giving birth to E.
14. The Living Word of God.
15. Moving into our home.
16. The power of God.
17. The birth of J.
18. The dream of adoption.
19. The birth of S.
20. The pursiut of M.
21. The loyalty of good friends.
22. A God that grows bigger daily.
23. Journalling.
24. Finally holding M.
25. God's patience.
26. More big dreams.
27. Finding our current church home.
28. Growing in faith.
29. Scrapbooking.
30. E accepting Jesus as her Saviour.
31. Music that leads to the foot of the cross.
32. Good health.
33. The call to come pick up a foster baby.
34. The peace of God.
35. Blogging.
36. That a holy God pursues a relationship with me.
37. Holding a newborn baby.
38. Feeling God carry me through giving a baby back.
39. Being called mama.
40. Birthdays.
I have had a lovely 40th birthday. God is so good to me.


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful post and a great way to celebrate a milestone by sharing the things that are a blessing to you. Inspiring!

Michelle said...

How wonderful! You and my mom share the same birthday.

Donna said...

Happy Birthday yesterday Betsy! I was 50 we are twins, 10 years apart. Hope you had a great Day!