Monday, September 28, 2009

Daybook ~ September 28, 2009

FOR TODAY...September 28, 2009
Outside my window...twilight.

I am thinking...I am glad that the busi-ness of this day is nearly over.
I am thankful for...peace.

From the learning rooms...the eldest will begin typing tomorrow and is adding the memorization of the states of America to her studies. The youngest are
continuing on their studies and we all are beginning a study of clouds.
From the kitchen...three bean chili, rice and applesauce.
I am wearing...a tee-shirt, knit pants and tennis shoes.
I am creating...plans for E and J's Birthday parties in October.
I am do our bedtime ritual soon.
I am reading...the book of Isaiah, Knowing God by His Names (Dick Purnell)
and The Wizard of OZ (aloud to the children).
I am hearing...the dishwasher run.
One of my favorite things...lying in my bed reading.
A few plans for the rest of the week: get in a really good
school week and focus on my priorities.
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Marie Donald Cupstid said...

I think I may have tracked you down. This is Rie. I have another friend that does the daybook. I will have to check it out. Your family is beautiful. I'll be back!