Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our Season of Wonder

It is Fall. I love, love, love this season of the year! It is fraught with so many very special occasions and memories for our family. It begins with my very own birthday in September! Every one who knows me, knows that I am absolutely CRAZY about my birthday. The 13th of October, TEN years ago, we welcomed our firstborn into our family. Two years later, on the 14 of this month, our son joined our family. Two years ago, in the first week of October, we received a most thrilling email - our LOA from China was on it's way, bringing an end to sight of the long wait for our chosen child. On October 18 of that same year, we got notice of Travel Approval from China and booked plane tickets! The joy of this season continues on into November! We laid eyes on and arms around our chosen child on November 5th, 2007.
Our family was reunited on November 18. And finally FIVE years ago,
on November 23, our baby was born.
Truly a season of thankfulness and unbridled blessings!


Marie Donald Cupstid said...

Wonder what blessings our Lord has in store for you this fall? What a great way to remember past seasons - by what joys and blessings occured during them. May He continue to bless your family.

Jennifer said...

Wow! I thought we had a busy fall with birthdays ... but you guys beat us by far! I love fall too, but mostly because I love the weather. Well, and maybe also because all my kids have fall birthdays, too.