Tuesday, February 23, 2010

serendipity ~ winter edition

~ Devotional we are using for Lent ~

~ Lenton Salt-dough Crown of Thorns, sand representing Jesus' desert sojourn,
and beans to count the days ~

~ Lenton mantle decorations ~

~ Dutch braiding ~

~ scrapbooking love ~

~ the commander clone rex snowman ~

~ Snowgirl Judy ~

~ Valentine cupcakes ~

~ a Southern Miracle ~
~ Mimi and Valentine Happies ~

~ Hugo takes possession of the swing ~

~ amazing Lego pirate ships ~

~ a much cherished foster baby boy ~

Blessed. Abundantly blessed.
May the love of God touch each of us so deeply, daily, that even
the most humble acts of our lives are alight with His glory.


Jennifer said...

Those lego pirate ships are absolutely amazing! I am extremely impressed. I love the dutch braiding ... I can only French braid and I'm not always great at that.

Rie said...

Beautiful photos! I love them all, especially the last one, it teared me up. What hearts you are raising - be proud.