Tuesday, May 18, 2010

freezer cooking

In March I completed my first attempt at freezer cooking.  This is otherwise known as "once-a-month" cooking.  Meal planning is an area in which I am trying to improve.  This is my game plan for meals this month:

(4) Pizza Kits
(2) Taco Kits
(2) Beef Stroganoff (complete)
(2) Chinese Dumplings (complete)
(2) Asian Chicken in marinade
(2) Honey Mustard Chicken in marinade
(2) Southwestern Chicken in marinade
(14) individual Chicken Pot Pies
(2) Stir Fry Chicken Kits
(2) Ground Meat bags
(1) Meatloaf (complete)
(1) 3 Bean Chili (complete)
(1) Spaghetti Kit
(1) Lasagna Kit
(3) Grilled Cheese Kits

Some of these items I made in March and some are new to me (like the marinades).  As for meals to fill in around those I plan on doing are breakfast type meals and pasta salads, both of which come together quickly for me.  There are several really good blogs out there that go into all the specifics of this type of meal management.  I'll let you know how it turns out!


Rie said...

Okay Betsy, I really want to know if this works for you. Shelby and I have thought about doing it but have just never taken the plunge.

I hope our Father blesses your attempts.

Love ya, Rie

homeschool preschool said...

oh, there's just so much to consider ... i never realised... but thank god for the homeschool preschool kids flash cards from uberkids -- at least i've got something good to start their education with! :)