Monday, August 30, 2010

back to home school

Our Home School got underway earlier this month.  I can truly say that we have gotten off to a GREAT start!  Some things, we are doing differently and other things, the same.  I have really felt the benefit of S being one year older.  Her attention span has increased and she is able to entertain herself better this year. 
E is in fifth grade, M and J are in second grade and S is in kindergarten.  My educational goals for our school this year are to keep things focused, relevant, and fun.


Michelle said...

Sounds great! We start on Wed! I am looking forward to a good year, but also wonder how well I will do trying to entertain two babies at the same time!
Blessings for a wonderful year of homeschool!!

Greg and Donna said...

Those sound like great goals! Have lots of fun this year.

Vicki said...

Love the new look on the blog. Can't wait to hear more about what ya'll are up to.

Did you watch the documentary Wo Ai Ni Mommy? Gotta tell me your reactions IF you saw it. If not, no problem. You have a small tribe of folks to tend to at your house. I can see how it'd slip by ya. HA.
Hugs, Vicki