Sunday, August 8, 2010

recent happenings

J at the Derby Car Race

rockin' out together

My Father-in-law teaching how a guitar is built. 
This is my "purple" guitar being built.
I went with E to Centri-Kid Camp
the kids and I at our local library for the summer movies

Papa, M and J at 1st and 2nd grade church camp

M, J, S and I built a "junk" boat at the library

fireworks on the Fourth
lots of reading

lots of Lego building

roasting marshmallows at our firepit

S with her friend at Kindergarten church camp

petrified wood

S lost her first tooth


Jennifer said...

Busy summer! Love the new look. I may have to steal your goals for each day ... I think the kids need to know what we are working toward as much as I do!

blessedmom said...

Happy times!