Monday, April 18, 2011

Nest Swap Show and Tell

I thoroughly enjoyed participating in the recent "Nest Swap" hosted by Monica at and Carrie at

My swap partner was Ruth Odell, Monica and Carrie's mom.  I had so much fun preparing items for the box that I sent her (you can see a picture of what I sent on Monica's blog).  I sent 2 gift books, 2 handmade bookmarks with charms, 3 dish clothes that I crocheted, 2 sets of hand stamped cards, a springime bowl of chocolates, 2 candles and a coupon holder.  I had received a wedding gift in the container in which I put Ruth's happies. With the chicken wire on the sides, it seemed to go perfect for the theme! 

It was a delight to receive my special box also!

I received a hymn cd, shopping pads, flower seeds, post-it notes, a flower gift tag, pink pens, flower pot stakes, peeps for the kids (thanks!), a gift book, a ladle, a purse pack of kleen-ex, "HE IS RISEN" out of scrabble pieces (love, love, love this!), chapstick, a candle wrapped like a lolly-pop (so cute!), packets of tea, a journal, ideas for putting together a Easter basket (so neat) including the linen cloth, a burp towel for our foster babies (how sweet!), and a new sponge (it is always such a treat to get a new sponge!).  It was all placed in a beautiful, nature-inspired photo box. 
Thank you so much, Ruth, for your thoughtfully put together box!!!


*carrie* said...


So glad you joined us for the swap. Ruth is my mom, too. =)

Fun to see the goodies you sent and received!

Michelle said...

barockiHow wonderful! I can't believe I missed it. I love participating in their swaps! So glad you enjoyed it!