Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Plain Wisdom ~ a book review

I recently completed the book Plain Wisdom by Cindy Woodsmall and Miram Flaud.  This non-fiction work is a collaboration between an Englishcer, Woodsmall, and an Old Order Amish woman, Flaud.  Over a period of several years, Woodsmall, has spent time visiting with and living in Flaud's world.  The camaradarie between these two unlikely kindred spirits brings a gentle sweetness to the book.  Throughout the book the authors recount various life experiences and how their faith impacted these experiences.  The readings are broken down into short essays.  The section headings are "The Rhythm of Life," "Timeless Blessings," "Challenges Great and Small," "Laughter in Odd Places," "Beauty, Ashes and Things Between," " In His Hands," and "The Shape of Tomorrow." 

Having previously read most of Beverly Lewis' Amish-themed works and some of Woodsmall's I have always been fascinated by the details, especially the running of the home and kitchen, that make up this particular lifestyle. I have visited Lancaster, Pennslyvania and surrounding towns.  While there I tasted recipes unique to their culture and got a small veiw into the Amish world.  While I would never personally want to live under the seemingly rigid religeous/governmental order that they embrace, I find the simpler, "close to the earth," lifestyle fascinating.  Therefore to have a birds-eye veiw into the thoughts of a modern day Old Order Amish woman's heart, was too exciting to pass up.  I found this book easy to read and engaging.

I received a complementary copy of this book for review by  The comments are my own. 

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