Monday, May 23, 2011

Top Ten Treasures from Our Camping Trip

1.  submerging in a nature-filled setting, while having the comfort of an air-conditioned cabin
2.  staring at the water
3.  gazing into the green of the trees
4.  listening to my kids and husband as they built sand castles
5.  disconnecting from the internet/computer and clock
6.  the biggest decision facing me - whether to read, crochet or nap
7.  feeling myself, literally unwind
8.  the kid's freedom to wander
9.  walking in a new setting
10.  roasting marshmallows

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Jessica said...

Camping is just perfect with air conditioning! Looks like a great trip.

Rie said...

I love #6 and, of course, #10! The sand castles are great, tell Ira good job!

Nicole said...

I haven't been camping in FOREVER. I want a s'more now!

Greg and Donna said...

I just hate when when I have to make those difficult decisions! It looks like lots of fun, glad ya'll had a wonderful time!

Caroline said...

I love camping! Tent camping and backpacking are our favorite. But especially the family time together! Lovely pictures!